Internally-Funded Research Projects (IRP) Call for 2011

Sabancı University Internally-Funded Research Projects (IRP) Call for 2011 has been announced and applications will be accepted until April 15th, 2011.

The objective is to support research activities, which have the potential to contribute to inter-faculty collaborations and scholarly endeavors, are ambitious and interdisciplinary in nature, while being in line with SU mission, though resources of SU Internal Research Fund. Internally-funded Research projects are intended to provide SU access to prestigious international and national research networks and or commercial ventures, to emerging research platforms, opportunity to engage in scientific and applied research within areas of frontier research while developing qualified human resources.

Projects which fall under either one or more of the following categories are to be supported within IRP:

  • Projects that  demonstrate scientific, technological and or social merits while not having an opportunity for immediate external funding,
  • Incubator stage research projects prior to entering the commercial phase
  • Projects which integrate multiple disciplines and have high potential of strengthening social image.
  • Projects which have the potential to contribute to practical learning stage in highly critical / developing research areas

IRP projects entirely funded by SU are evaluated based on the following criteria by URC:

  • Proposal conformance with SU research vision
  • Projects which demonstrate involvement of a group of faculty members within or preferably across faculties
  • Projects which are scientifically viable and potent, with outputs and potential of expansion clearly defined in the proposal.
  • Interdisciplinary aspects of the project; having a plan for cross-faculty collaborations
  • Coherence of project resources, time plan and objectives and having realistic objectives against the resource and time planning
  • Construction of the proposal in a way to demonstrate planning based on work packages, their relationship with resources and project calendar, as well as embodiment of a project management structure
  • Added value of the project and its clear explanation in the proposal (publications, further expansion into external projects and new research networks etc.)
  • PI's proven track record of successful previous projects funded by SU -if any-and their acknowledgement by URC (Applicable after 2006)
  • The potential of project outputs of developing new intellectual property or expanding the existing IP portfolio

For further information about the call, please go to IRP Instruction and IRP procedure or contact Gonca Girit McDaniel (# 9876 or in RGP Directorate.