2013 call for proposals for the Blaise Pascal and the Industrial Chairs

The 2013 call for proposals for the Blaise Pascal and the Industrial chairs have been launched.

1. The Blaise Pascal Research Chairs

The Blaise Pascal Research Chairs were established in 1996 by the State and the Ile-de-France region. Each Chair allows highly qualified, internationally acclaimed, foreign research scientists in all disciplines to be hosted for 12 full months, possibly spread over 2 years, in one or more well-known Higher Learning or Research Institutions in Paris/Ile-de-France that are focused on a particular scientific project and are able to provide the suitable environment, equipment and means required.

The management of these chairs is undertaken by the "Fondation de l'Ecole Normale Supérieure ". A scientific committee selects the candidates every year. The Blaise Pascal chairs have acquired a solid reputation in the francophone scientific community and their attribution is an important milestone in a scientific career 

The applications must be received before 17 January 2013. The foreign candidate may be hosted in Ile-de-France as early as September 2013.

The applications must be filled jointly and presented by a person in charge of the laboratory receiving the candidate. 

Application and informations are available here  : http://www.chaires-blaise-pascal.org/

2. Industrial Chairs by the French National Research Agency

The program aims at accompanying research projects jointly led by public research institutions and enterprises. It encourages the integration of eminent French (expatriated or not) or foreign professors into higher education and research institutions, or research organisations, and reinforcing the best initiatives developed in French higher education and research. The program implies establishing a strong and lasting partnership between the research institution and enterprises in a high priority and strategic area for the parties concerned. The aim is to provide more effective support to industrial research in all areas. The industrial chairs’ objective is firstly to perform fundamental and applied research, and secondly to ensure training through high-level research.

Researchers from all disciplines can submit a project on any topic they choose.

Proposals must be submitted by the host institution, in close cooperation with enterprises that co-fund the industrial chair.

Deadline for submission of proposals is on Thursday 31 January 2013 13:00

Application and informations are available here: http://www.agence-nationale-recherche.fr/en/research-programmes/aap-en/chaires-industrielles-2013/nc/