What do I look for when I invest in a company?

We are going to host Permjot Valia, founder and Ceo of MentorCamp on our campus on May 27th, Monday at 10.30. The program announcement is attached. This meeting will provide an opportunity for you to discuss your experiences related to an entrepreneurial activity and in what ways you may benefit or what you can expect from a mentoring scheme. Permjot will briefly introduce his perspective on mentorship, his experiences in the start-up ecosystem and will try to address specific questions that you might have from idea validation to investment phase. Through your active involvement, we hope to refine the structure of the MentorCamp which will be organized in Fall of 2013 at Sabancı University.  

Permjot started angel investing after having served as Sales and Marketing Director for Ernst & Young Entrepreneurial Services in London. Having organized the prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year competition for 2004, Permjot was able to learn first hand what it took to be a successful start up and the problems they encounter along the way. Since 2011 he has been organizing Mentorcamp events bring together experts in particular fields to help mentor and start relationships with promising companies.