2016 Honda Prize

Dear Faculty Members/Researchers,

Since its establishment  in 1977,  the Honda Foundation  has been engaging  in contribution  towards "the  creation  of  a  truly  humane  civilization"   by  utilizing  "ecotechnology" through  the  activities including awarding of the Honda Prize, hosting intemational symposia I colloquia,  and implementing the Honda Y-E-S Award grant for students in the field of science and technology in Asia.

Since its inception in 1980, the Honda Prize has been awarded to an individual or a group annually who contributes towards the development of science and technology and society along the vision of "ecotechnology" from all over the world with 10 million yen as supplemental prize.

We will again  proceed  with the  selection of the  37th  laureate of the  Honda Prize 2016. We would  be therefore very  much appreciated if you could nominate a candidate.

The eligibility for candidates is as follows:
+ An individual or a group, irrespective of nationality, who  has  achieved distinguished contribution toward the  development of science  and  technology and  society  along  the vision  of "ecotechnology"
+ Achievements should be not  only  narrow scientific/ technological new  discoveries and inventions but  also  be served to the  improvement of people's lives  around the  world from  the  view  point  of entire processes that would  bring out,  apply,  or share solution for facing  problems
+ Target fields  include the  broad range of related scientific fields  such  as  mechanical
/electronic/space engineering, chemical, physics,  bioscience,  agriculture, economics  and medicine. It also includes an  individual I a group  in interdisciplinary research areas

The  laureate will  be  determined through a  series of deliberations by  multidisciplinary selection committee.

Deadline: 15 March 2016

Best regards,

Reserch Projects Development Office
Research and Graduate Policies Directorate